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History of the SHO By SHO Club

The SHO PLUS Option
(Thanks to members Scott G. Littlefield, Chris Locker, Jim Merriman, Ron Porter and Mike Wojton 
 for their contributions to this page)

What might be the rarest SHO Plus, in Mocha

In mid-model-year 1991, Ford brought out the 212A option package that is commonly known as the "SHO Plus." 

There has been a huge amount of speculation about this package, but here are the hard facts as best we know them.

First:  This was a cosmetic only package.  Nothing of performance substance was included.

Second:  It does add some value to a used SHO, but not a lot.

Third:  They are rare, but not rare enough to change the evaluation in the comment above.

Fourth: Plus owners should check the leading edge of their plastic hoods for signs that the outer and inner sections might come apart.  Early production hoods would "delaminate" and the outer hood would fly totally off the car!  Any good body shop can use modern plastic adhesives to secure the two sections if you notice the hood coming apart.


Production of the SHO Plus started about 4-91.

Included in the package:  (detailed more in the brochure JPG at the bottom of this page) 

Plastic Power Bulge Hood (not mentioned in the brochure, or order lit, but on every true Plus)
Plastic Trunk Spoiler (not on some due to out-of-inventory situation)
24VDOHC fender badges (made of metal, not plastic like later ones)
Lower body cladding all body color (no black stripe)
Black colored outside mirror inserts * see note below (Non-Plus inserts were body color)
Black B and C Pillar black vinyl appliqué (the brochure says just B pillar, and is incorrect)
Body Color TAURUS badge on L side of trunk lid (not mentioned in brochure/books)
White wheels on White Plus models only, other Plus models got "sparkle" Silver wheels
Jewel Green color available only on SHO Plus....maybe.

*Jim Merryman, is the owner of an Oxford White Plus and has this to say about mirrors: "I have bought a one owner '91 Plus. I have all the records for the car as well as the window sticker. I have every document, repair order, and notation for the car! Interestingly enough, here's another oddity of some Plus's. My Plus has white covers on the right and left side mirrors.  The car is OEM, never wrecked, never in any form of accident, never touched up, never repainted etc.  Interesting hmmm?  I guess there are lots of thing that Ford does to suit its production needs!
Anything goes!
Jim Merriman

Another difference we are trying to verify is if the SHO Plus was the only SHO in 1991 to get bright trim around the side window area.  Regular Taurus's got this, but the SHO got black trim in 1989 and 1990.  My '91 Plus has bright trim around the side windows.  If you have or know of a Plus with all black trim around the windows, let us know.  This may be the best way to tell a genuine "Plus" from one that has been made up, because changing the trim is difficult and rather expensive.

The Plus package came as part of the 212A option package that included many other items for a total package price of $3026.  After a package discount of $700, the sticker price of the 212A package was: $2326.00.  See the brochure below for details of what was in the 212A package.

Chris Locker notes: "What I find interesting about the SHO Plus 212A package is it says that it contains the "keyless entry" option. However, the picture of the white Plus on the brochure does not have the keypad on the door. Strange."

SOME Plus SHO's came through without the trunk spoiler.  The reason for this was either:

     1.  Assembly line error, they just got left off
     2.  Shortage of spoilers at production time.

Our contacts in the factory at the time indicate that #2 was the likely scenario.

We got this letter from Matt Strehle about a "Plus" he owns:  I read your article and I wanted you to know that I have a 1991 Red SHO with a plus hood, but without a rear spoiler or moonroof.  I purchased it as a parts car for my other red 1991 SHO (non-plus).
Your article said you wanted to hear from anyone who has a plus model without a moonroof.
Matt Strehle 

According to Ford figures, there were 2595 SHO Plus models produced.  We don't have a breakdown by color on the Plus, but SHO Club has made the following estimates based on production numbers published by the SHO Registry:

Total 91 SHO's = 8916

Broken down by color:

Black = 1855
Oxford White = 3076
Electric Red - 1739
Mocha = 1346
Jewel Green** = 900

** The brochure reproduced below calls this color "Jewel Green."  A copy of the dealer order information for the Plus calls the color Deep Emerald Green.   Ryan Pasch, owns a green SHO Plus and has the window sticker.  It says the color is "Deep Jewel Green."   In 1992, Ford offered the same color and called it Deep Emerald Green, although the 1992 brochure I have doesn't list ANY green color for the SHO, and it DOES list Medium Mocha as a color available on the SHO, and none were ever made to my knowledge.  As we know, showroom brochures are not to be trusted!  They are usually printed well before many final decisions are made on actual production.  For my money, the correct name for 1991 green SHO's is "Deep Jewel Green Clearcoat Metallic".

Another side note on colors: Oxford White was the only color NOT to be a clearcoat paint.

Total SHO Plus models of all colors = 2595

We could just break down the SHO plus according to percentage of total production for each color.................BUT, the SHO brochure below says that Jewel Green was "unique" to the SHO Plus only.  That throws things into a tizzy.

Now we have to take the 900 Jewel Green out of the total SHO production to get non-green production of 8016.  Taking each color's production and dividing it by the non-green number, we get total SHO production percentages as below.  

Black 23.1%
Oxford White 38.4%
Electric Red 21.7%
Mocha 16.8%

Thus SHO Plus production, by color, using the total SHO production percentages as a percentage of total SHO Plus production, looks like this:

Black 15.06% = 391
Oxford White 25.08% = 651
Electric Red 14.19% = 368
Mocha 10.99% = 285
Jewel Green 34.68% = 900

(NOTE: this is all guesswork since we have no idea of the true SHO Plus color breakdown, but assuming the plus was ordered in approximately the same color breakdown as the regular SHO, then we should be close).

I do think I have seen some 1991's that were Jewel Green that were NOT a plus, but there may have been very few of them that were not Plus models.


MYTH:  That the ROD shifter was part of the Plus package.

FACT:  NOT TRUE.  We have proof that the Rod shifter got in many non-plus '91's and that some Plus SHO's got the cable shifter.

MYTH: The Plus only came in Emerald Green or White.

FACT:  NOT TRUE.  We have proof of Plus SHO's in every color produced.

MYTH: The only white '91 SHO's were Plus models.

FACT: NOT TRUE.  The White Plus SHO got the all white wheels as shown in the brochure below, but you could get a regular SHO with the silver wheels. It came like any other non-plus SHO that year with black band in the lower body cladding and bumpers, and white inserts in the mirrors, and the b and c pillars were not blacked out.

MYTH: The Black Plus came with black wheels.

FACT: NOT TRUE.  The Black Plus came with silver metallic wheels like all the other Plus models except the white one.  (In 1990, there was an option where the black SHO's got black painted basketweave wheels, this might be the basis for the "black Plus" myth.)

MYTH: The "power bulge" plastic hood was not part of the Plus package.  

FACT: NOT TRUE.  The plastic hood, commonly known as the "power bulge" hood has been on every SHO Plus I have seen.  Some of those hoods did delaminate (outer section could go flying off the car at speed leaving the inner support and hood pad latched down), and I know personally that some of those original plastic hoods got replaced at body shops (for delamination or wreck damage) with the steel SHO hood.  It is also possible that by accident that some Plus SHO's did not get the plastic hood.  I am not aware of any though. 

It is interesting that the plastic hood is not mentioned in the brochure below.

MYTH: The plastic hood made its way onto non-plus '90 and '91 SHO's

FACT:  TRUE.  I have personally seen two '90's that got the plus hood from the factory.  I knew the original owners of both cars, they were 1990 VIN's, not damage or delamination replacments, and not replaced by the owners.  This additional information was sent to us: "My Dad has a 90' with a bulge hood that must have come from the factory. He is the 2nd owner and the original owner did not say any thing about the hood being changed. My dad received
all the original paperwork and there is no documentation saying anything to the contrary. Just wanted to let you know about this oddity. Thanks for a great convention, we had 3 cars from our family there. Thanks, Ben Kelly"
Jacksonville, Fl


Here is a reproduction of the showroom brochure giving many details about the package.  If you have proof of a Plus without a moonroof, please let SHO Club know.  Click on the thumbnail below to get the bigger image.  The page is dated March 1991.

click to view bigger image

If you have anything to add, please contact me at the link below.

Don Mallinson
SHO Club